Bass fishing in South Africa

There’s nothing quite like catching a beautiful bass. Whether it be the largemouth bass(Micropterus salmoides) smashing a top water lure with the fury of a tiger, or the small-mouthbass (Micropterus dolomieu) taken on something as simple as an in-line spinner, the thrill remains incredible.

Both these fish species are found in South African waters, and although they are not indigenous,they thrive in rivers and dams across our country, make for fine fishing, and if prepared correctly, makes a delicious meal. Bass fishing keeps fishing enthusiasts out of mischief all over the world.

What You Need to Start Bass Fishing

Although bass fishing equipment can be expensive, the beginner need not have all the latest goodies and gadgets to start enjoying this addictive sport. A basic kit will do just fine… at least, until you are totally hooked, that is.

Two basic types of kit

There are two basic types of kit to choose from for the beginner. This argument surrounds the rod and reel combination. The one kit is called the bait casting kit, the other the spinning kit. How’s about having both kits? The ideal situation would be to have both kits, but since we’re not all sponsored fishermen, and bass fishing tackle can be quite expensive, we’ll only look at setting you up with a basic entry level kit.

The most important tools in your box

In this article I give more info on rods and reels than any of the other items you need to start bass fishing with. Why? These are the most important tools in your box. Lures and line can be replaced, but you need to start off with the correct reel and rod combination, to avoid frustration. A fisherman builds a bond with his reel and rod. You don’t want to purchase a new rod or reel or both every two months.

Bass fishing rods

Your fishing rod becomes one of your best friends. Make sure the company you keep is good company. Be sure to buy the right rod for your bass fishing needs.

Rod length

In choosing a rod length that’ll work for you, consider where you’ll be fishing. This is important for a couple of reasons.

Problems with overly long rods

You don’t want an overly long rod if you’ll be fishing a river lined with trees or brush where your line can easily get hung up, unless you use the flipping technique (this is done with the casting rod). Also, if you’re fishing with someone on a small water craft, you don’t want to hook your partner while practicing mastering your cast.

When to use a long rod

A long rod obviously gives you that little bit of extra leverage for casting further. This is, however, not always necessary in bass fishing, since often you’ll catch a lunker right by your feet! Long rods are also used in a technique called flipping, which is a very useful technique when fishing for big bass hiding in thick brush. This technique is also useful if casting space is limited.

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